Cynthia Calhoun

Digital Marketer, Writer, and Artist in Asheville, NC

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DIGITAL MARKETER - work on WordPress websites, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Google Analytics. See different sites that I work on.

WRITER - articles, books, stories, coloring books. My favorite sites to write: HubPages & Medium.

ARTIST - I paint with acrylics over at - come pay me a visit!

PHOTOGRAPHER - I use my own photography when possible in my articles and sell my photos, too. I love posting over at Zazzle.

MEDITATOR - I am trained in mindfulness and meditation. I spend not a small amount of time meditating each day, cultivating my superpowers. I talk about mindfulness over at Intuitive and Spiritual.

FREELANCER - I never get bored!

Because of my many interests, I dabble on many sites and have many skills. This site serves as a hub for all my gigs and activities online.

These days my art is becoming front and center. Though I've painted for decades, the adoption of three kittens and the battle to save two of them from a life-threatening illness compelled me to start painting portraits of them.

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