Cynthia Calhoun

Digital Marketer, Writer, and Artist in Asheville, NC

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DIGITAL MARKETER - work on WordPress websites, Facebook ads, Google ads, and Google Analytics. See different sites that I work on.

WRITER - articles, books, stories, coloring books. My favorite sites to write: HubPages & Medium.

ARTIST - I paint with acrylics over at - come pay me a visit!

PHOTOGRAPHER - I use my own photography when possible in my articles and sell my photos, too. I love posting over at Zazzle.

MEDITATOR - I am trained in mindfulness and meditation. I spend not a small amount of time meditating each day, cultivating my superpowers. I talk about mindfulness over at Intuitive and Spiritual.

FREELANCER - websites, commissions, coaching.

Because of my many interests, I dabble on many sites and have many skills. This site serves as a hub for all my gigs and activities online.

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